6 Apps Turning Exercise into Gameplay

(March 8, 2016) Need some motivation to start, continue or amp up your fitness routine? Mobile apps keep you engaged and entertained while exercising.
Here’s a list of entertaining health and fitness apps that literally turn exercise into a game. By including gaming elements–points, missions, competition via social media – app developers help people have fun achieving goals.
1. Carrot Fit
($2.99, in-app purchases)
Get challenged by Al Carrot, a humorous audio character that guides you through the “7 minutes of hell” workout. Users perform common exercises but with funny names like Celebrity Face Punching and the Dragon Mating Dance. This app is compatible with the Apple Watch, has a weight log, a BMI calculator, workout reminders and mini-rewards.
2. Charity Miles
When it comes to finding the perfect win-win scenario, this app just makes cents. Here’s how it works: Users earn money for charities each time they exercise. Corporate sponsors donate a few cents for every mile you walk, run or bike. A list of charities may be found online. Once you find a worthy cause, it’ll keep you connected to your fitness goals.
3. Habitica
(Free, in-app purchases)
Whether you want to floss more, reduce clutter or stay motivated to exercise, this app reinforces healthy habits and rewards productivity by treating your daily life like a game. After you create your character, input daily habits, goals and a to-do list, it’s off to battle monsters. The app keeps you involved with various “rewards” and “punishments,” and a social network lets you compete with other players, who keep you inspired along the way.
4. Seven
(Free, in-app purchases)
The goal: Exercise seven minutes a day for seven months, using only your body weight, a chair and a wall. Users start out with three lives and each time you miss a day, you lose a life. Miss three days in a month and you start over at day one. The more you work out, the more rewards and achievements you unlock. The app guides you through workouts using illustrations, visual timers, feedback and spoken instructions.
5. 7 Minute Superhero Workout
Users protect Earth against invasion through use of a unique battle suit. In order to save humanity, you must complete various workout missions. As you progress, you activate weapons, shields and other cool abilities. This app delivers a fun, story-driven, full-body workout
6. Zombies, Run!
(Free, in-app purchases)
Get fit, escape zombies, be a hero. That’s the tagline behind this audio adventure game that doubles as a walking/jogging/running workout. Put in some ear buds, ignite your imagination and listen as a zombie story unfolds in real time. Keep running to complete missions as they come up in the story – or else.
Bonus App
Pocket Yoga
($2.99, in-app purchases)
It’s not a game, but this instructional app lets you take your yoga practice with you wherever you go. It includes voice and video instructions for hundreds of poses. Widely practiced for health and relaxation, yoga helps you improve core strength, increase flexibility and manage stress. Users can choose from three routines, three levels of difficulty and three workout lengths. Your exercises and progress are logged for future reference.