Community Assessment Summary 2014

headictureCommunity Assessment Summary 2014

York County Community Profile
Population: 245,346
71.9% White, (63.9% in SC)
19.4% African American (27.9% in SC)
4.9% Hispanic or Latino (5.3% in SC)
4.5% Other (3.8% in SC)
Adult Obesity 28.3% (32.4% for SC)
Adult Diabetes 10.0% (10.4% for SC)
Adult Hypertension 32.5% (33.4% for SC)
Physical Inactivity* 26% (28% for SC)
Not Meeting Fruit and Vegetable
Recommendation* 86.4% (82.6% for SC)
Adult Smoking 20.4% (21% for SC)

Assessment and health priorities identification process:
Community Health Surveys were distributed throughout York County via online access and paper copy. A total of 1492 community members responded to the survey. A community meeting was held to share the results of the survey and to identity opportunities and challenges for York County.

ESMM York County Community Survey Results 2014
• 28.2% reported they had hypertension and 10.3% had diabetes
• 64% reported they don’t get the recommended numbers of fruits and vegetables.
• 71.1% reported they are physically active less than 5 times per week
• 11.5% reported they use some form of tobacco
• 19% reported being exposed to second hand smoke
• The top health issues identified were obesity, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and alcohol & other drug use.
• The overall health of the community was rated as: excellent by 1.0% of respondents; very good by 9.3% of respondents; good by 40.6% of respondents; fair by 41.5% of respondents; and, poor by 7.6% of respondents.
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Other recent surveys:
• Community Health Needs Assessment, York County, June 2012, Duke Center for Health Policies and Inequalities Research: This assessment found that there are significant unmet healthcare needs in York County, particularly among the uninsured and Medicaid beneficiaries, as well as significant transportation challenges in accessing health care.
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Current policies:
All four of York County’s public school districts have comprehensive tobacco free policies
City of Clover Parks are tobacco free
Faith-based organizations have tobacco free model policies
Joint use/open use agreement with Rock Hill School District #3 for community use of school recreation areas

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)
Representation from various organizations, agencies, and community members participated in a SWOT analysis. The results indicated that York County is collaborative, progressive, leverages resources, and has strong coalitions to address health. They are challenged in engaging the business and faith-based community, by lack of public transportation, restrictive zoning, population growth rate (projected growth is 22,700 persons in 5 years), access to low-cost low-quality foods, access to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, lack of knowledge of the policy, systems & environmental change approach to sustainable community improvement, and the fluctuating economy. Opportunities were seen in York County’s growth with new ideas and new people, increased diversity, engaging new members and leaders, as well as the momentum locally and nationally to focus on healthy communities.

Some common themes identified during the SWOT analysis were:

• Partnerships
• Knowledge on multiple levels (or lack of)
• Physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco, healthcare
• City and county shared jurisdictional vision

Top Health Priorities

Based on the survey results, SWOT analysis, and review group consensus, 3 health priorities were identified:
• Increasing regular physical activity
• Increasing access to healthy food
• Decreasing alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems
When planning to address the three above priorities, efforts should include communication between partners and leaders, as well as marketing to the community.

Eat Smart Move More York County Coalition Partners include but not limited to:
Winthrop University, Upper Palmetto YMCA, Piedmont Healthcare System, Carolinas Healthcare System, Master Gardeners, Cities of Rock Hill, Clover, York, Tega Cay and Fort Mill, York County Government, all four public school districts in York County, Clemson Extension, Keystone, First Steps of York County, Boys and Girls Club of York County, #1 Question Ambassadors, Tobacco Free York County Coalition, Catawba Farm and Food Coalition, Catawba Indian Nation

* The physical activity recommendation says that adults should do at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) a week of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes (1hour and 15 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity or a combination of the moderate and vigorous-intensity physical activity
* Recommended fruit and vegetable consumption is 2+ fruits and 3+ vegetables daily.

Data Sources:
SC Department of Health and Environmental Control 2012
County Health Rankings, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2013
United States Census Bureau, 2013
SC Department of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs 2013