Rules of the Road for Bicyclists

Bike Rock Hill is an awareness campaign coordinated by Eat Smart Move More York County, the Rock Hill Bicycle Club, and the City of Rock Hill.

The goals of the campaign are to raise awareness for the “Rules of the Road” for motorists and cyclists, to promote family friendly places to ride, and to offer bike events such as safety rodeos and commuter clinics.

Rules of the Road for Bicyclists:

(adapted from SC Bicycle Laws, Article 27)

Bicycles are vehicles and all laws that apply to motorists also apply to bicyclists.

Ride in a bicycle lane, if available, except when passing another bicyclist or to avoid an obstruction in bicycle lane.

Ride in the right-most lane on roadways, except when making a left turn.

Ride no more than two abreast.

A permanent and regular seat must be attached to the bike.

Bicycles must be equipped with a working brake.

Riders cannot exceed the number of seats.

Do not hold on to or attach your bike to a moving vehicle.

Do not carry anything that prevents you from keeping at least one hand on the handle bars at all times.

Use a white head light and rear red reflector or red blinking light when riding after dark.

Always use hand signals before changing lanes or when turning.

Obey all stop signs, traffic signals and lane markings.

Look before you change lanes or signal a turn.

If the lane is too narrow or you are going the same speed as the traffic, “take the lane” by moving to the center of the lane.

Be visible and predictable at all times.

Keep a safe distance from parked cars.

Always wear a helmet.

Wear bright or light colored clothing.

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