House Bill 4717 will create the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund

SC (March 8, 2016) House Bill 4717 will create the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund, which will offer financial assistance to some farmers impacted by natural disasters, including the flooding that took place in the fall of 2015. The bill includes an appropriation of $40,000,000, and has already passed the House. It now awaits a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee.
How can we fix this? The Senate Finance Committee should amend House Bill 4717 to address these concerns. Check out our proposed amendment here.
Please email your Senator at the South Carolina General Assembly to ask him or her to support amending the bill to make sure that, if the bill passes and becomes law, there will be clear instructions about how to determine the value of every farmers loss to avoid delays in disbursing funds to farmers. We even have an email template for you to use.
Not sure who represents you in the SC Senate? Look up your Senator and his/her contact information here.
Visit CFSA’s website for more information about House Bill 4717 and CFSA’s suggested amendment.