Newton, Carolinas HealthCare System teamup to fight childhood obesity

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Carolinas HealthCare System are teaming up to fight childhood obesity.The program is called “Healthy Together” and encouraging healthy habits.
The game plan includes:
Five servings of fruits and veggies a day.
Two hours or less time in front of TV’s and computer screens.
One hour or more of daily physical activity.
Zero sugary drinks.
“I feel this is an unbelievable blueprint to put kids in a better state of mind,” said Newton, who unveiled a new character called “Action Ace” to motivate young kids.
Dr. Robert Alexander with Carolinas HealthCare System says 34% of kids ages 2-18 nationwide are obese or overweight.
He also says 25% of kids in Charlotte are obese or overweight.
It can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, even cancer.
Education and action are the to putting dents in those numbers and health problems.
“If we eat more fruits and veggies each day, we will make better food choices. If we spend less time in front of a computer screen or tv, we will spend more time doing active play,” said Alexander.
Tuesday, dozens of kids pledged to follow Cam’s lead.
The hope is thousands more will do the same.