Rock Hill: Knowledge Park Planning

Rock Hill, SC (Feb. 22, 2018) ) The City of Rock Hill is working to ensure the success of Knowledge Park, an urban, mixed-use business park specifically designed for the knowledge-economy. The vision is for Knowledge Park to be the dynamic center of Rock Hill’s 21st century economy. Designed to be home to knowledge economy businesses and jobs, it will be technologically advanced, yet rooted in the city’s rich history. It will include technology leaders, innovative startups, and creative industries, plus a thriving University, diverse neighborhoods, and the city’s first craft breweries. Supported by a diverse community of learners, it will offer an appealing urban lifestyle built upon a model of economic and environmental sustainability.

The Knowledge Park Action Plan

Goal: To establish 5-year goals and work programs for Knowledge Park that have input from all parts of the community, that are supported by community leadership and that serve as the basis for activities and investments by the City, RHEDC and their allies in Knowledge Park.

 The Planning Framework

Eight planning committees have been established under the direction of Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation to help establish goals and workprograms. The committees welcome participation from throughout the community, to be supported by community leadership and serve as the basis for activities and investments by the City, the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation and their Knowledge Park allies. The eight committees are:

  • Connectivity Committee
  • Inclusiveness Committee
  • Cool Placemaking Committee
  • Jobs and Business Growth Committee
  • Talent Development and Attraction Committee
  • Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Development/Redevelopment Committee
  • Tourism Committee

They will consider Knowledge Park to be a success if:

  1. The major activity centers of Knowledge Park are linked together by a seamless web of pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile connections (Connectivity Committee).
  2. All citizens of Rock Hill find reasons that Knowledge Park is meaningful to their lives (Inclusiveness Committee).
  3. Knowledge Park projects a “cool vibe” featuring retail and restaurant offerings, arts and culture, a diversity of housing types, memorable public spaces and other amenities that make it a place where talented people choose to live, work and play (Cool Placemaking Committee).
  4. Knowledge Park incubates, launches, attracts and grows knowledge economy businesses (Jobs and Business Growth Committee).
  5. Rock Hill supplies the talented workers that knowledge economy businesses require (Talent Development and Attraction Committee).
  6. The Knowledge Park story is communicated effectively to citizens, job seekers, business prospects and potential investors (Marketing and Communications Committee).
  7. Redevelopment of underused sites and buildings continues in a way that knits together the entire Knowledge Park area as unified, coherent urban district (Development/Redevelopment Committee).
  8. Knowledge Park grows as a desirable destination for visitors, including visitors to its sports tourism and cultural destinations (Tourism Committee).


The Outcome

Each planning committee will be asked to identify and describe up to 5 priority projects, programs or investments that could be achieved during the next 5 years which would help to ensure Knowledge Park’s success.

The Schedule

Kickoff Event                                                 February 27                                                  Lowenstein Building

Committee Meetings                                  March – May                                                Various Locations

Research, Speakers and Field Trips         March – May                                                Various Locations

Community Presentation                           June, TBD                                                      Lowenstein Building

How to Participate

All citizens are invited to become part of building the action plan for Knowledge Park. A special website will provide up to date information about upcoming meetings, research, conversations, etc. The address is