The Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

There are many reasons to consider planting a garden this year and growing your own fruits and vegetables.  Not only is it a more cost effective way to get in your “5 A Day”, but it is also good for both your personal health and the health of the environment.

Among the many benefits of growing your own vegetables:

  • Cost:  It is fairly cheap to buy seeds or starter plants.  A tomato plant for example will produce much fruit, but only cost you initially about what you might pay for 2 tomatoes at the grocery store.
  • Health:  When you grow your own food, you and your children are more likely to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables and have a more varied diet.  Also, growing your own food without the use of pesticides means fewer chemicals you ingest.
  • Environment:  Growing your own food means that less has to be shipped.  This can also contribute to positive health, as the food you eat will have less nutrient depletion.
  • Personal Reward:  Planting, maintaining and harvesting a garden brings about a sense of accomplishment.

Don’t know where to start?  Norman Winter of McClatchy Newspapers offers advice on planting your own vegetables garden in a recent Herald article.  Also, York County Master Gardeners Association is offering monthly gardening seminars at the Glencairn Garden Learning Center beginning this month.